About Me

If you are here then i guess somebody wants to know about me.

Okay my real name is Tim.I'm 16 years old and i'm in the tenth grade at Kenwood high in Batimore,Maryland.I just recently started learning wicca.Most people have the wrong idea about witchcraft.

I also play bass guitar,I have been playing for over a year.I am okay at it.My favorite song to play is Blew from Nirvana.2 other favorite songs of mine to play are L.A.P.D. by Offspring and Sweet'69 by Babes In Toyland.

Lately i have been listening a lot of kick ass girl bands like L7,Drain STH,Lunachicks,Fluffy,and Bikini Kill.I have also been listening to Deftones,Human Waste Project and ,Blink 182.Besides that i don't listen to much else right now.But my favorite band is still NIrvana.

Recently i have more pissed off then ever of people in the christian religon.i have nothing against it,but they are so quick to label everyone.Since i have been learning about wicca they have been calling a satan worshiper,but i'm not,i don't even believe in him/it.

I also recently saw Blink 182 in concert and it kicked ass.I just met a guy who knew the old drummer for the Lunachicks,Bekka was her name, if you care to know.