This is my page about the Nirvana bootleg videos that i have.I currently have 2, cause some the asshole i lent 2 of them moved away and i never got them back,but i will soon get more.

Time:about 20 minutes
Set list:
School,Floyd the barber,Love buzz,Dive,Blew

Notes:An ok shot concert,but it only has 5 songs.During FLoyd a drunk gets on stage and knock Kurt over.So they shove him off stage and Jason goes off stage and i guess jumped on him.

Time:90 minutes
Set list:
Radio friendly unit shifter,Drain you,Breed,Serve the servants,About a girl,Heart-shaped box,Sliver,Dumb,Come as you are,Lithium,Pennyroyal tea,School,Polly,Milk it,Rape me,Territorial pissings,Teen spirit,All apologies,Jesus don't want me for a sun beam,Im bloom,On a plain,Scentless apprentice,Blew

Notes:it's a cool concert,but Kurt seems to keep having trouble a little.The guy who filmed this sometimes films stuff that you don't want to see.During Dumb he films the crowd below him,i don't why he did this.