This is my Nirvana Pics page.I know that yhere are a lot of Nirvana pics on the net,so i will on be putting up my favorite pics.

Kurt Cobain
A pic of Kurt next to a cop car.
A pic of Kurt lookin sad.
A pic of Kurt from the Sliver video

Krist Novoselic (My Hero)

A b/w pic with Krist and his wife Shelli

Group Pics
Kurt with eyeliner and a gun,Krist with glasses and Dave looking mean
Nirvana playing on the Jonathon Ross Show
An old pic of Kurt,Krist,Chad, and Jason
A final line up pic with the 4 of them sitting on a couch

Other Pics

A pic of the Blew EP
A pic of Kurt,Courtney,and Franics in a Santa Claus suit